Book: Everything is Living Energy

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Our universe is one of living energy. Every structure we see and touch is of more than 99.999% space. Less than 0.001% is the living, interacting energy of atomic particles. Yes, you are tiny bits of living energy in much space.

Particles arrange themselves in structures that better satisfy their energy desires. Chemical, nuclear and matter stare changes happen for just that reason. Human and
other living structures similarly exist to satisfy their particle energy desires and evolution is continuous improvement to those structures to suit whatever be the environment.

Electricity and magnetism are just particles striving to do what is best for their structures when they are not located in best positions. The hugeness and mammoth changes in space are also the result of atomic particle desires .

Teaching of physics has energy as a calculable quantity but accept it as the living nature of everything and we have the why of all change; a simple explanation for gravity and for Einstein;s curving of space-time and a reason for evolution. We also get the opportunity to replace false views of its behaviour that arise from mathematics that works.