Me and my blogs

My name is Albert Littlefair Simpson and I am an octogenarian. You might say I am in my sunset years and hence the above sunset, photographed by my youngest son John and taken from just opposite where I live in the Cathedral City of Durham.

Over the years I have helped my other son David, the owner and sole developer of the web site with the more technical aspects of web site programming. This is not my first web site. I at one time had an html based Littlefair Family History Site. This site uses the more modern “word press” approach.

I was born in Durham City in 1939 some 5 months before the outbreak of the second world war and so saw little of my dad in the first 5 years of my life. I failed my 11 plus exam and went to Whinney Hill Secondary Modern School but later to the Durham Johnston Grammar School where I studied A level maths, physics and chemistry.

That’s me sat on the left of the running board of Coldstreamer – in for repairs at Darlington Works

I got a job with British Railways and they put me on a 5 year sandwich course gaining practical know how at the now long gone Darlington Locomotive Works and learning engineering theory at Derby Technical College. Unlike a lot of my college mates who enjoyed careers in the wider world I spent a lot of my working time with Freightliner at Stockton and Middlesbrough as a hands on engineer and I enjoyed it.

Students from the Western, Southern, Midland, Eastern, North Eastern and Scottish Regions.
That’s me in the middle of the photograph at the front representing the North Eastern Region .

Throughout my life I have always been interested in how things worked. As a boy I would take things apart to see what made them tick. They didn’t always work when I put them back together. Thankfully I got better at resolving problems and making things work.

Over the years but more so in retirement I have had many interests like astronomy, family history, war history, science, golf, rubik cubes, cycling, car repairs, health, sudoku, food, old maps and computer programming. My most recent interest in electronics came about because some garden solar lights we bought performed badly. We now have multiple solar lights that work

It is well known that Albert Einstein’s contribution to science came from thought experiments. I too am an Albert and share with that famous man a Briggs Myers personality type of INTP. It means I am Introverted as opposed to Extroverted, more iNtuitive than Sensing, Thinking at the expense of Feeling and Perceiving more than Judging. I often lie awake in bed early morning and think. If the thoughts are of value I make a note lest I forget.

My blogs on energy came about because in retirement I sought to really understand the electrical energy flows I had worked with all my life. However I found no satisfactory explanation and so I developed my own and found it brought a deeper and better understanding of the science and engineering that had been taught me and as recently taught to my granddaughter in her GCSE subjects.

My thinking on particle mass and energy differs from that of science in one simple yet far reaching fundamental. It is that particles of energy engage with other energies in a pro active way. Just as we use our internal energies pro actively and hopefully intelligently, particles use their internal energies pro actively and intelligently. Particle desires for energy explain why we and all life forms evolved but also explain the gravity motions that are a feature of our universe.

Science doesn’t have all the answers or explanations that it thinks it does and increasingly looks to mathematics to provide the answer. It can still be wrong or offer an unsatisfactory answer. If you doubt this is so read my blogs on mathematical operators and on kinetic energy. Don’t get me wrong, mathematics provided by science is essential to designing engineers but it so often gets in the way of real understanding. Asking questions in the course of training is a must and don’t just accept expert opinion. Your intuition will often be better than expert opinion. If it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t.

I hope you find something here of interest. Regards and best wishes to all – Albert Simpson.