The elusive graviton


Newton’s gravity maths involved massive bodies causing attractions to distant bodies. The maths worked but the idea of something creating forces at a distance was hard to accept. Newton had no answer but suggested his gravity attractions were a natural feature of matter structures. 

Subsequent developments of electrical and magnetic theories involved yet more actions at a distance so much so that Faraday and others started treating fields as real and with lines of force emanating from them. Fields were seen as the cause of actions at a distance many years before the discoveries of atomic particles and before quantised energies and photons were part of the scene.

Einstein told us there was no force acting on a falling body. His saw massive bodies curving space-time and space time influencing the motion of massive bodies. His associated mathematics solved some problems that Newton’s maths had failed to solve but it didn’t explain what space time is, why massive bodies warp it and why it determines the motion of space bodies.

Now, in quantum physics, fields are the main study area and matter particles are treated as excitations of those fields. Massless gauge bosons are the force carriers or messenger particles of the fields somehow causing distant repulsions or attractions. The latter are often explained using the analogy of boomerangs thrown between boats.

Truth is gauge bosons don’t carry forces; there is no graviton; there are no actions at a distance; there is no force field. Particles either desire and move toward or don’t want and move away from the photon energies of space. The gravity desire and electromagnetic desire seek the same photon energies. We already have the graviton. It is the photon.

Yes, I know that the attractions and repulsions are much weaker in the case of gravity but that’s not because particles desire the different graviton. Its because in different conditions particle desire for photons differ in strength. Human desires are particle desires that vary with circumstance. Similarly, gravity and electromagnetic desires are different because they arise in different circumstances.

Electromagnetic desires and repulsions are about the desire of electrons to serve protons their energy desires. More stable energy structures result when electron and proton particles are in their best energy exchanging locations in structures. Gravity is the desire of those stable energy structures to move to and locate at a position of more stability in the environment.

Somehow we have come to see living things as doing what they want to do and non living things as doing what they have to do. Yet all chemical changes, nuclear changes, states of matter changes and all structural motions result from particle decisions.

No action is forced on particles or their structures they do as they want to do. If we are involved it is only to create the conditions in which they will act in accordance with their desires. Photon energy emitting bodies do not determine distant actions; they simply provide the distant energy states that the remote particles desire or reject.