The reality of us and why we exist

It may be hard to imagine it, when all of our senses are telling us something different, but our world is not one of solids, liquids and gases. They are just our perception of it.

The reality of you, of all the natural and man-made structures that surround you and the earth you reside on is that you and they are of more than 99.9999% space. All of them comprise of atoms, molecules and cell-like structures that are simply neutron, proton and electron particles taking up less that 0.0001% of the space volume they occupy.

Our wireless communication links have come a long way since Marconi first experimented with radio waves but atomic particles have been interacting and communicating via such light speed photons since time immemorial. Our evolved sight is our brain particle interpretations of a range of photon energies coming to our eyes from structures in our surround. Our touch is brain interpretations of the photon interactions between our particles and those of some close-up particle structure.

Stood on the earth you might think your particles are in contact with those of the earth. But they aren’t; they are mildly levitated above the earth by the photon energies passing between the particles of the earth’s structures and the particles of your structure. Particle energies seriously resist contacting one another. 

There are many definitions of life but they never include non cellular particle structures, even though cellular structures, as in us, evolved from them. Perhaps it is so because we don’t see them as proactive. However, proactive they are and they always act in ways that are of benefit to them. We might see ourselves as superior structures, but we evolved as did all structures to serve the energy desires of their particles. When we die they go on living in another structure that might appear to us as inactive, yet down at its atomic level its particles will be much engaged in living, proactive actions.    

Einstein linked particle matter to energy. So, if you have a view of atomic particles as bits of pushed around matter, change it to one in which they are nodes of proactive energy content in much space, interacting and cooperate with other particles via light speed photon energies; think of photons as pulses of energy content in much space.

Particles come together in structures because they more stably and more efficiently deliver their energy desires.  They will strongly resist change to that structure unless they discover they can change to ones that better deliver their energy desires. Photon energies are what particles desire and process but they don’t want them to excess and those living, proactive desires are why atomic particles are never still.

What evidence is there supporting this concept of life in the form of living energy at the particle level?

  1. Try pulling a structure apart or thrusting two particle structures together. You will distort the locations of many particles in the structure(s) but you will almost certainly fail to overcome the particle desires to stay as those structures and at the earliest opportunity most will return to their former energy stable state.
  2. Try jumping away from the earth and you will quickly be returned to it. Why? Because the energy linked particles that make for your structure have a desire for and want to process earth’s emitted photon energies. Science has no explanation for such gravity motion but particle desire for energy explains it.
  3. Note how when you are stood on the earth you can feel the photon actions keeping your particle structure away from its close-up photon excesses. Lift one foot and it wants to return to the earth.
  4. The earth and all the planets go round the sun because their vibrating particles have a desire to process, but not to excess, the sun’s emitted energies.  Remember earth is just atomic particles in over 99.9999% space.   
  5. Why do you think winter’s ice becomes water and water on a warm road surface evaporates to water vapour?  Such changes are not temperature caused; temperature simply measures the photon energy interactions taking place. They are particle instigated acts implemented via photon that are intent on changing to structures better able to process energies in what is a changed energy environment. 
  6. We don’t produce energy and we cannot destroy it. When we say we are using it we are simply getting it to do what it wants to do. We provide the conditions and its desires do the rest.
  7. Chemical changes like that of ignited fuel in our car engine happen because particle structures benefit in making them.  Nuclear changes, as in power stations, are similarly changes that particle structures want to make. We additionally provide controls over such change.
  8. Neutron, protons and electron particles have different energy roles.  Neutrons can become protons and remote, smaller, more rapidly responding energy gathering electrons when a structure is in need of much more energy. When nucleon energy is much in excess of that desired, protons revert to neutrons and electrons are eliminated.  Are such actions not intelligent actions?  
  9. The electrical energy flows that we don’t see, yet much use, happen because electrons proactively seek to serve protons and protons proactively want to be energy served by electrons.
  10. Einstein’s general relativity theory may seem complicated but it can be expressed simply as “Photons curve to attracting particles, particles move toward desired photons”. It explained that photon flows of starlight are bent by structures like our sun and how space bodies like our earth are drawn to others. We now know why. It is because life exists at the particle level.

We evolved, not to make money or to hoard possessions and wealth, but to serve the needs of our particles. Of course we might debate what the needs of our particles are; why they interact, cooperate and communicate with their surround as they do and why they evolved into us and gave us emotional feelings, but, whatever the reason, I suggest modern day physical and mental stresses are a sign that we aren’t satisfying their needs as they would want us to. If we don’t change and act in support of our particle energies and instead continue using and abusing them, they in time will make changes that are best for them and to our human detriment.

Is it not possible for us all to have more enjoyable, more meaningful, more relaxed lives by curtailing the demand for things that are far from the real needs of people and by concentrating on those needs. Doing so would certainly cut out high levels of waste and allow the rest of the planet to become more relaxed.