Energy Types and Forms

In my blog what is energy I described energy as any combination of the stuff of our universe and the desires residing within it. All particles, including those exchanged across space and all structures formed by combinations of such particles are the stuff of energy and never lost or gained in the changes and interactions they make

The desires within energy are not just related to the quantity of its stuff. Such desires are responsible for arranging their associated stuff so that it can best and most stably get and process the energies in its surround. The desires for surround space energies are selective and not without limit and consequently can attract or repulse the energies of their surround..

Desires reside in structures like that of a rock. As far as we know humans and rocks comprise of the same energy constituents. Our evolved arrangement of energy may better secure the desires of its constituents but it relies heavily on their cooperation. When any major part of us fails we die and our composite energies seek alternative arrangements in which to satisfy their desires.

Boson particles like photons do not carry forces across space. Electric, magnetic and gravitational fields are not force fields. When we place a test object in a field it is the particle or particle structure that decides what action it will take in response to photon energies in its surround. Actions may be externally influenced but they are particle decided. Even photons have decisions to make. They seek independence, avoid conflict with other photons, move into space vacated by other photons and will compress or expand if need be when doing so leading to red or blue shifting. Actions are very much the action of particles and not the result of externally imposed forces.

States of matter changes, evolutionary changes, location changes, chemical changes and nuclear changes are all the result of particle energy desires responding to environmental change. The mathematical formulae that tell us about energy movements and changes are so varied because they are desire and therefore stuff formation related. Significant desires that don’t involve noticeable action, perhaps because of some restraint are what we call potential energy.

A book on a shelf is aware of and desires earth emissions. A spring held in a compressed state has a desire to return to its preferred energy state. A human can develop desires for change that are implemented at the time of reproduction. All are examples of energy desires that can result in some energy movement or change

Every particle in the standard model is energy and has its own purpose and desire. Desire can change one energy form to another but never destroying or creating it.

Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy

History got it wrong when it came to regard the motion of particles and structures as a store of kinetic energy. Motion is not the stuff of energy with resident desires. Motion is the result of energy attractions and repulsions.

History also got it wrong when it came to regard gravity as an externally imposed attractive force. It is a huge mistake when schools introduce the conservation of energy by explaining how gravitational potential energy mgh becomes a kinetic motion energy store of 1/2mv2.

In reality the equality simply confirms the equation of motion v2 = u2 + 2as which tells us how a velocity u becomes a velocity v when an acceleration a acts over a distance s. When applied to gravity 1/2v2 = gh where h is fall height and g the acceleration created by the object’s particle desires for earth’s energy radiations. That desire is particle related and why objects, free of other influences, accelerate toward earth at the same rate.

Objects don’t accumulate earth radiations as they fall; they don’t want added energy and are simply processing and releasing it as they fall. For an object of mass m the total gravity attraction is mg and the energy processed by such an attraction acting through height h is mgh which as per the equation of motion equates to 1/2mv2. Both are ways of measuring energy or work done in the fall.

To bring that speeding body to rest we must act on it with energy of ma x s where a is the deceleration and s the distance to rest. But mas is the same as 1/2mv2 so what we regard as “on board” motion energy is actually the photon interacting energy or work done to bring the object to rest.

Types and Forms of Energy

Science has no single definition of matter. If we regard it as the content of the particles of our universe, then stuff is matter and all energy is of type matter. Energy calculations are about matter movements and changes. Such calculations are varied because the desires of energy vary with the forms that matter takes. Photons and structures of atomic particles are forms of matter that are ever interacting.

Be clear, I have not said there is no kinetic energy, just that it is not a separate type of energy. Kinetic energy is like all energy, the stuff of matter and its form related desire. It is not motion related “on board” mass energy because, all structures be they moving or still have a preferred mass energy.

Motion is born of a structure’s desire to retain its preferred mass energy. It is either attractive or repulsive of the energies of space. In another blog we will see how the calculation 1/2mv2 falls short of the energy needed to considerably increase or decrease speed. It is because doing so is wasteful of energy.