Forces and Gravity

I remember at school drawing force diagrams. They always had forces that balanced which enabled the doing of calculations. A typical scenario was as per the diagram of a cyclist following a curved path. On it centrifugal force equaled centripetal force and weight was balanced by the opposing normal hold up from the ground.

One day at college our mechanics lecturer asked us to draw just such a diagram but showing only actual forces. Without exception everyone drew a diagram. like that shown. We had come together from various parts of the country but all of us had learnt of centrifugal force and not one of us had questioned its reality. The lecturer explained that there was no such centrifugal force. Centrifugal force was a fictitious force created to establish a mathematical force balance. Centripetal force was the only horizontal force between road and tyre, enabling the rider and cycle to accelerate away from a straight line velocity.

I tell the above tale because mathematics can be a wonderful tool but it sometimes doesn’t truly represent reality. In fact on this diagram we also show the force that is weight. We say it is the force of gravity yet Einstein said that when we jump off a building there is no force pushing us down and accelerating us toward the earth and so we must question the nature of the motion and why is it independent of weight?

The supposed force of gravity is the desire by energy processing particles to process the photon energies of their energy environment. The particles of any structure above the earth are aware of and seek and process the photon energies emanating from the earth. The structure attraction toward the earth is a particle related one, which results in a motion independent of particle numbers (mass). Particles are also attracted to the energies emitted by other structures. Raindrop particles influenced by the energies emitted by window pane particles is just such an example. Of course such particles are also attracted to earth emitted energies.

We humans are energy structures just as the chair we sit on is an energy structure. When we sit on it, its energy structure reacts to our energy structure and we feel its pushing up on our bottoms. The chair’s particles do not want the higher photon levels passing between the engaging energy structures and so our structure is held at a distance. Likewise our energy structure is pushing the chair energy structure away. It is the basis of Newton’s third law that states “for every action there is an equal and opposite action”. The difference between us and the chair is that we convey energy signals, from those interactions to our brain that let us feel and respond if we wish to.

If you previously thought your particles made contact with the chair particles, think again. What we feel as multiple contacts are just as much photon energy exchanges as are the photon energies of visible light that give us sight. What we hear, the warmth we feel, our sense of smell and sense of taste are all similarly so.

The same sort of photon energy exchanges that stopped our particles from further engaging with the chair hold particles apart within structures. Particles don’t want to come too close to one another and they respond to ever closer approaches by releasing and exchanging ever higher levels of photon energy. When you sit on a chair with someone on your knee you feel more pressure because the greater number of energy seeking particles are being resisted more strongly. What we see as a stable force balance between us and the chair is in reality zillions of particles vibrating in their constant search for a better energy location in their energy environment.

To break apart a structure we have to input energy. Science calls this energy “binding energy”. It is clearly equal to the attraction that holds a particle structure together. But why do some structures want to stay independent, only breaking under excess energy, while other structures readily combine as in chemistry? The answer is that structures are an energy efficient means by which their particle energy desires are met. They only change if forced to do so or if that change is to a more energy efficient particle structure. The structures of organisms like us evolved to deliver particle energies efficiently.

The earth in space is a particle structure travelling at a speed that would take it away from the sun but its particles desire photon energies and the sun as a particle structure is releasing photon energies. Consequently many earth particles are attracted toward the sun, drawing the other energy linked particles of the earth with them. Energies collected and distributed by the earth are soon in excess of particle needs and many of earth particles now want away from those photon excesses.

There is no uniformity of action throughout the earth, no perfect energy scene for all particles within the earth. Those at the surface are more free and responsive. Those under pressure at earth’s centre are more inhibited in their motions and vibrate at higher frequencies. The sum total response that the earth exhibits as a result of its particle energy desires is a movement either toward or away from the sun that delivers an orbit around it. That orbit is further influenced by energies emitted from the moon, planets and other space bodies.

Having read the above I hope you now have a better understanding of the force that arises when you make physical contact with someone or something