Energies of space

Theory has it that the earth and the other planets were formed out of the same gas and dust cloud nebula that formed the sun. It was due to gravity attractions which we here know to arise from the desires of the dust and gas molecule particles for energy. Such desires would result in their moving closer together. The original earth then collided with a Mars size body called Theia and out of that collision came the present earth and its moon.

We should now know that the collision was not one of matter striking matter but one of increasing energy interactions as the particle structures came up close to one another. That interaction would have rapidly changed from one of attraction to one of extreme and increasing repulsion. The extremely high photon energies involved would displace and scatter countless particles. Those particle desires for more stability and the high levels of photon energies involved would lead to the more energy efficient and energy accommodating molecular structures that are liquids and gases. Less dense particle structures would do most of the moving gathering around more dense particle structures creating larger energy efficient spherical structures and becoming in time the earth and moon.

The earth, some 4.5 billion years after this event has a solid crust between 3 and 45 miles thick that floats on a mantle of hot moving rock about 1800 miles deep that is a liquid magma at its greatest depths, near earth’s core.

Earth’s outer liquid core is mostly of nickel and iron and below that an inner core of solid iron that rotates faster than the earth. The extremely high inward photon pressures that arrive at the inner core prevent it changing to a liquid structure and the high average photon energy exchanges deliver a temperature of 10,800 degrees F.

Reduced photon pressures at the outer core level allow for a more spacious particle liquid structure with a lower temperature. This liquid is rotating twixt the earth’s mantle and faster inner core. Many iron and nickel electrons are circling like those in a magnet coil delivering a highly intense core magnetic field of cohering photons that extends in a curve around the earth. The south magnetic pole is near earth’s north pole. Earth’s north pole was so named because a compass north pole pointed there.

Some may think the earth core is still hot from that incident some 4.5 billion years ago and wonder how that can be so. The reason the earth core is very hot is because photon energies are drawn inward from space and from earth’s emitting particles to be absorbed by the dense core energy desiring particles before they release photons in a more diverse way. Inward photon pressures increase with depth below the surface and photon energies exchanged increase. Under such pressures particles still seek the most energy efficient positions in their environment and they use their gathered energies in a constant fight to find such positions. Core temperature and density are all about that on going fight.

Electro magnetic radiations from the sun that warm earth and pressure its core are not a one way affair. The sun has a near spherical shape because of the desire of its particles for inward photon energies. Without inward photon pressures on its core there would not be the level of photon energy exchange in its core needed to trigger the fusion process that we so much rely on. Fusion converts sun hydrogen to helium in a process where mass energy becomes photon energy. Four tons of hydrogen per second undergo the conversion delivering 380 billion billion joules of photon energy per second. Clearly it is an energy efficient process but it needs inward photon energies to start and sustain it. The core desires that pull in the photon energies needed for fusion are opposed by the fusion emission photons. Increased fusion slows the fusion process allowing the gravity photon desires to increase fusion. This control mechanism stops the sun exploding and controls its energy output.

The high photon energy exchanges on the sun deliver its plasma state. Plasma is ionised gas in which the electron energy gatherers are ever changing their energy links and photon feeding many different nuclei. It is estimated that the fusion energy releases undergo so many particle exchanges that it is thousands of years before they arrive at the sun surface and become the photon energies emitted into space. There many are attracted by planetary particle desires, whose motions toward such energies we see as gravity.

The big bang story is that the entire universe’s particle matter was compressed into something about the size of a golf ball. That seems incredible but as earth’s particles are in over 99.9999% space and if as I suggest all particle energy nodes are over 99.9999% space then why not? The desire of that ball structure of energy for external energy must have been enormous causing an inrush of photon energies from vast space distances. When there were no more inward photons maintaining its shape the the extremely high levels of exchange energies within it big bang energy radiated energy in an explosion like that of a huge supernova? Supernovas are stars whose energies are suddenly rapidly dispersed.  Some radiate more energy in seconds than our sun will radiate in its lifetime.

Theory says that in a fraction of a second the efficient energies that are neutron particles came into existence and started a process of creating protons, electrons and nuclei. Big bang particle energies are still moving outward and now, some 13.7 billion years later we are at a stage where particle desires for photon energies have pulled a small percent of those particle energies toward one another so that there are more than a trillion galaxies in our universe. Our galaxy, called the milky way, has over 300 billion stars in it. Imagine the energy interactions of all the particle structures within a galaxy that are responsible for structure motions and add to that the inter galactic energies at work. Mathematics struggles with a three structure interaction. It has no chance computing the motions where so many complex interactions are in play.

There is nothing to slow the particles and structures of galaxies now furthest from the big bang except for their gravity desire for photon energies. Though tiny and getting tinier, I believe they will eventually cause the particle structures to reverse their motion. What I am saying is that the expanding universe will contract and in time the big bang will repeat. I understand this view differs from that of many scientists who predict that all ordered energy structures in the universe will become disordered so that energy is spread ever more thinly but they do not see particles as alive and with energy desires like I do.

We previously saw why emitted photon energies from different structures were related to frequency. It was because the particle movements and their associated energy exchanges are all about best satisfying the energy needs of particles as situated and energy linked in the structure they are in. Not only are external emission energies linked to such internal energy activities but photon absorptions are particularly selected if they can support those activities. Those who have pushed swings know the pushes are most effective if linked in some way to the swing motion. Each particle structure has its own range of resonant and near resonant frequencies. More dense solid particle structures have a greater range; tiny gas structures like hydrogen have only a few resonant frequencies. One of the roles of electrons is to select suitable frequencies and avoid or collect and despatch unwanted frequencies

Above is an emission spectrum for extremely hot iron. Its structure emits a whole range of photon energies, each with their own frequency. Most of us will have seen how in heating an iron bar we at first see a dull red that becomes an orange and then yellow before turning white when the hotter blue photons are also being emitted. That white light is not made up of all the visible light frequencies as is revealed by the spectrum created on passing it through a prism. If we didn’t know the source of the emission the spectrum pattern would reveal it to be iron.

Sometimes an identifiable spectrum pattern is seen but shifted in energy and frequency. The pattern shift is either to lower energy/frequencies (red shifted) or to higher energy/frequencies ( blue shifted). Science has decided that red shifting is associated with space bodies moving at high speed away from earth and blue shifting with space bodies moving rapidly toward us. Why do these shifts happen?

Some liken it to the doppler effect experienced with sound when its source is moving to or away from us but sound is about the movement of particle linked movements in response to a pulsing source. Shifting is about the changing of source emitted photon energies. My view is that photons emitted by the particles of say a moving away galaxy are despatched at light speed relative to that galaxy and they travel through space at that speed. To join solar system photon flows and be at ease with them they must speed up. It is like being slow on a crowded walkway. The photons use “on board” energy to speed up and that is why they are of reduced energy and when absorbed linked with lower frequency movements and emissions.

Einstein’s second postulate in special relativity is most interpreted as the speed of light is a constant in a vacuum everywhere irrespective of the motions of emitting structure and observer. What Einstein said was ” light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body”. I say particles are the same everywhere and that they emit and absorb photons at light speed relative to themselves. It means they are emitted at light speed relative to the emitting particle structure and received and absorbed at light speed relative to the absorbing particle structure. When there are serious velocity differences between emitting and receiving structures we see a change in the energy of photons as they adjust speed to that of the receiving structure energy flows. Is it for that reason that we always find light speed coming through a vacuum to be constant.

It is estimated that only 5% of the energy of our universe is in stars and planets. The other 95% of the universe’s energy we cannot see. About a quarter of that unseen energy is thought to be dark matter and the rest dark energy. So what is dark matter and what is dark energy?

I think of dark matter as the mass energy of tiny space particle structures that are not big enough to send out any noticeable signal but which along with vast numbers of like structures bear observable influence on visible structures that we then cannot account for. These tiny mass energy structures have developed from the particles thrown out by the primordial big bang.

Dark energy must surely be the photon energies that pass everywhere in space. Think about the million trillion photons of energy landing on each square centimetre of an earth object every second. They have taken 8 minutes to come from the sun so there is a lot of such energy in space on its way to us and the other planets and into outer space. Now apply that thinking to the photon energies being emitted by the 300 billion stars in our galaxy and from the over one trillion galaxies in our universe. Realise that some of those photons passing through space take billions of years to get from source to destination and it should not surprise you that the level of dark energy is so high.

Black hole densities are much greater than those of neutron stars. I can only guess that neutrons break down under the extreme energy pressures. They must break up into energy fragments and bundles of increased turmoil, like that pre big bang. Light cannot escape a black hole. Black hole scientific data is obtained by monitoring the x-rays that leave black holes.

The energy attractions of a black hole can act like a shredder pulling in the particles of nearby stars and other black holes. A distant black hole will consistently but unnoticeably attract earth photon emissions, thereby exercising a miniscule but relatively steady pull on earth particles. Two black holes spiralling into one another deliver to earth tiny fluctuating forces. Ligo (laser interferometer gravity observatories) use heavy weight mirrors suspended in long vacuum tunnels to detect
those fluctuating pulls on earth. Earth movements as small as a thousandth of a proton width and with frequencies as low as ten cycles per second can be detected at the Ligo mirrors. They are said to be evidence of gravitational waves and they are described as ripples in the curvature of space time.
It is truly amazing that we can record such gravity fluctuations from merging distant black holes. But are not these gravitational waves just powerful distant photon energy interactions?

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